Why Are Grocery Stores and Restaurants Starting to Provide More Vegan Options?

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From time to time, I get messages from people on dialysis who want to know more about how to eat vegan while on dialysis. I send them to this short page of resources .But, I have never had any sort of ongoing communication with a vegan on dialysis..Travel experiences and recommendations tailored to your travel interests from the experts at USA TODAY Travel..

Where to Find 'Em. Many grocery stores have a natural or health food section, where many vegan items can be found. Some products are located in other areas, though..There are many reasons why people choose to go vegetarian or vegan. Some are compelled by the environmental impact of confinement .

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Ten years ago it was definitely a lot more difficult to be a vegan in Detroit than it is today. 

More and more people are starting to adopt a plant-based diet and lifestyle. This has altered how grocery stores stock their shelves and the types of dishes restaurants prepare. 

Melody Baetens, a staff writer for the Detroit News, speaks with WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper about her article looking at how increases in plant-based diets are changing the culinary landscape in Metro Detroit. 

Restaurants are seeing that the more options they have the more customers they’re going to get,” she says. 

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