Want to Be As Nice As Mr. Rogers? Adopt a Vegetarian Diet Like He Did

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If we could ask our four-year-old selves what they most wanted from adults, I’m guessing our answers would all be rather consistent: (vegan) ice cream and (rescue) puppies would surely top the list. But if we dug a bit deeper about how those young and vulnerable kids wanted adults to talk to them, I’m guessing those answers would be consistent as well: they’d want adults to be nice to them. To treat them with respect and kindness, even when they made mistakes — actually, especially when they made mistakes.

This awareness was famed kids television host and longtime vegetarian Fred Rogers’ calling card. From 1968 to 2001 the Presbyterian minister hosted “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” the kids show that’s now the subject of a new documentary and a forthcoming feature film starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers.

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