Vegan group’s advert wrongly linking cow’s milk to cancer is banned

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Image Result For Vegan Group

Image Result For Vegan Group

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  • Image Result For Vegan Group
  • Image Result For Vegan Group
Viva! highlighted that the ad stated the hormones were “linked to” cancer, rather than that they “caused” cancer.

In support of the claim, they referred to a range of papers, which they believed showed the presence of more than 35 hormones in cow’s milk, including oestrogen hormones and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

But the ASA found that the poster breached rules regarding misleading advertising and substantiation, and banned it from appearing again.

An ASA spokesman said: “While the claim stated that some hormones in cow’s milk were “linked” to cancer rather than definitively stating that they caused cancer, we considered that consumers would nonetheless interpret it to mean that because of the hormones that were present in cow’s milk, drinking cow’s milk could increase a person’s risk of developing cancer.

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