Plant Yourself at the Yummy Long Beach Vegan Fest

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What to Know

  • Saturday, July 7

  • CSULA, Walter Pyramid Lawn

  • $10-$15

Excellent vegan eateries are plentiful in Southern California, as plentiful as apples on a tree or plums in a basket, and how lucky adventurous eaters are because of that fact, truly.

The choices, in short, are choice, and the available SoCal vegan eats cover the whole gamut of gourmetdom, from fancy beverages to a meal’s final sweet treat.

Visiting one establishment at a time is the usual route for people eager to check out a fresh vegan café. (A solid system, and one that must remain in place, given that there’s only ever one of us doing the visiting.)

But there are major vegan festivals around the region, like the Long Beach Vegan Food and Music Festival, and if you’re hoping that a number of eateries and food trucks and makers of plant-focused foodstuffs will all gather there like carrots in a bright leafy-topped bunch, your hopes shall be met.

The next step? There’s more meeting to do, beyond your hopes, so head for CSULB on Saturday, July 7. That’s where the vegan-vivacious festivity will spread out, at the Walter Pyramid, and if you can’t quite find your way to that spot, do turn an ear for the live tunes that will be the soundtrack of the day.

Activities, art, and line-up of “earth-friendly merchants” will make up much of the non-edible portion of the party.

As for the very edible portion?

Delish dough-tastic goodies from The Donuttery, The Falafel Truck, Rock and Roll Pizza, Cocabella Creamery, and Original Herbivore are but four of the food wizards showing up to create eat-worthy enchantment out of a host of delicious plants and vegan ingredients.

The cost is $10 in advance, $15 if you buy at the gate. Start time is 11 in the morning.

Ready to discover your gotta-go-once-a-week bakery? Or dinner place? And you’re devoted to the vegan chefs who call Southern California home?

Spend a very warm and wonderful Saturday in Long Beach dining around, discovering, and soaking in a wave of happy summer vegan vibes.

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