Paul Obis, who started Vegetarian Times magazine, dies

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We met Fred Rogers through Paul Obis. More on that. And for a few of our early years here at the Forest Park Review and Wednesday Journal we shared a giant, expensive CompuGraphic typesetting machine with Vegetarian Times..In that year, Obis and Rogers sold the magazine to Cowles Media, owner of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, for $ million. In , Obis told Newsday that he was no longer a vegetarian. The magazine has had a number of changes in ownership since Obis purchased the company. In , Cowles Media acquired Vegetarian Times..

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Paul Obis’ decision to start Vegetarian Times magazine was made as he ate a cheeseburger at Burger King.

“He looked at it and said (to himself) ‘I wonder how many cows I’m going to eat in my lifetime?’ ” said his wife, Janeen. “It just sparked him. He put it down and left. That’s the day he started the movement in his head.”

The magazine began as photocopied hand-delivered newsletter in 1974 and grew into a well-regarded monthly publication. Obis sold it and bought it back at least once in the 1980s, then sold it for the last time in the early 1990s.

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