My Republica – Good news for those wishing to follow vegetarian lifestyle

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Good news for those wishing to follow vegetarian lifestyle

KATHMANDU, Mar 11: If you are wishing to follow a vegetarian lifestyle, but finding it difficult to exclude meat items from your menu, you have the best option here. 

Food items made of from ‘plant meat’ were of course a matter of surprise for visitors to the two-day Asia Pacific Vegetarian Congress and Vegetarian Festival (APVC and VegFest) concluded at Nepal Police Club Sunday. 

Besides, visitors were offered soybean milk and other products like real milk products in the festival. 

One Mani Bhandari who was found relishing ‘meat chilly’ made from green vegetables and grains at the festival observed: “It seems and tastes exactly like mutton, and I am feeling that I am eating mutton.” 

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