Meaty Fast-Food Chain Oowee to Open Vegan Diner in Bristol

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Vegan Bristol is a cafe, restaurant, take away, health food shop, eating out, buying in food etc, Sunday roast, breakfast, pizza, vegan friendly guide to Bristol Bath, helping vegetarians or vegans, flexitarians, or anyone heading that way..Meaty Fast Food Chain Oowee to Open Vegan Diner in Bristol Description Bristol's Oowee, known for its meaty fast food, is opening a vegan diner to cater to the growing demand for plant based eats in the UK..

UK-based fast-food chain Oowee is known for its juicy, cheesy, meaty burgers. Now, the business is set to open its first all-vegan diner.

Owners Verity Foss and Charlie Watson made the decision to open the diner — Oowee Vegan — following the success of their plant-based profile on Deliveroo. The precise location of the venue has yet to be announced; however, Foss told the Bristol Post it will be located in Bristol’s city centre and will be large enough to seat 35 guests.

The diner is the first of its kind in the area. “We’ve got quite a big vegan following and when this particular spot came up, we thought we had to go for it. I think it’ll absolutely smash it. There are so many vegan junk food bars in Europe but there’s nothing like this in Bristol,” Foss said.

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