Injured Yourself While Grooming Your Pubic Hair? You’re Not Alone

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Tips For Not Injuring Your Vag When Shaving Your Pubes. Wednesday, by Caitlin Corsetti. Have you ever injured yourself while shaving down there? How bad was it? Do you have your own tips for shaving? Posted in Down There Tags body hair, pubic hair, shaving, shaving down there..You're more likely to need medical care for a wound caused by trimming your pubic hair if you lie down while grooming your privates or have a partner trim you. Have you ever injured yourself while trimming your pubic hair? You're not alone. A study found that people have injured .

THE debate about whether to go hair free in your private areas has long been raging as doctors have warned that removing pubic hair can increase the risk of an STI. However, a huge percentage of .We've all got hair down there. Let's comb through the facts and see what our grooming habits reveal. We talk about the hair on our heads with .

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