‘GLOW’ Actor Kate Nash Says a Vegan Diet Prepared Her for Role as Wrestler Rhonda Richardson

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Musician Kate Nash who also stars in Netflix’s popular series “GLOW” about female wrestlers in the 1980s (“GLOW” is an acronym for “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”), says she prepares for her role in the show with a vegan diet. According to the Daily Star, Nash, who just released her fourth studio album last week, says she was body shamed for being overweight while growing up and even well into her professional career.“Last year the singer-songwriter went on a summer tour to mark the 10th anniversary of her debut album, Made Of Bricks. At the time she revealed she had been called ‘too fat’ to be a pop star,” the Daily Star notes.“When you’re a woman, you have such a strange relationship with your body because – especially when you’re in the public eye – you’re constantly being judged,” Nash told the Independent.
People comment on my body all the time in a really inappropriate way, in a way I find completely offensive.

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