Best Tips: Why it’s a myth breastfeeding helps new mums shed weight gained in pregnancy

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The great myth about breastfeeding and 'The message that breastfeeding would help me lose pregnancy pounds was also pushed in or are new mums to blame .It is a total MYTH that BFing either causes weight gain or prevents weight loss. Your small fluctuations in weight are NOT due to fat storage. It's normal for initial weight loss to be rapid and then slow to about lbs per month. You are still a fit woman, and your pp physique is temporary and transitional..

Serena Williams has poured cold water – or rather, cold milk – on the idea that breastfeeding causes the excess weight gained while growing a baby to melt away.

The 36-year-old tennis star, speaking to journalists ahead of her continued comeback at Wimbledon this week, joked that it was “a lie” that women shrank while nursing their babies.

How breastfeeding is still taboo in Hong Kong and why breast is best

“I was vegan, I didn’t eat sugar. I was totally eating completely healthily … and I wasn’t at the weight that I would have been had I not breastfed,” Online quoted Williams as saying.

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