Best Tips: The ‘Simple Happy Kitchen’ is the First Illustrated Vegan Resource Guide for Adults

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For many, change is not a comfortable concept. Even if this change is, in reality, simple to accomplish, the idea of altering one’s habits can be daunting. Going vegan is easy to do, but the thought of change can hold people back. They think of the research they will have to put in, the foods they will miss, and the extra time it will take to adjust to this new lifestyle. When faced with this kind of trepidation, many decide to forgo change in favor of their familiar habits. However, a new vegan lifestyle guide not only supports those in transition; it makes the process fun, light-hearted, and entertaining. “Simple Happy Kitchen” is the first plant-based illustrated guide to vegan living, offering readers an easy-to-understand and accessible resource to everything they need to know about basic vegan nutrition and cuisine.

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