Best Tips: How a varied vegan diet can make most people fitter and healthier – plus recipes and experts’ tips

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Personal trainer and co-founder of Vegan Fitness Olis Chan, with his rock-hard six-pack and bulging biceps, is 100 per cent plant-powered. He became a vegetarian 14 years ago.

“I was getting sick a lot, and had problems such as eczema. My Buddhist sifu suggested that I try vegetarianism as a way of getting over these illnesses – and it worked,” says the 42-year-old, who claims that he now falls ill only about three times a year.

Chan later went vegan for health and ethical reasons. But his transition from vegetarian to vegan was one of trial and error. The bodybuilding enthusiast had already experienced a loss of muscle mass and strength during the first few months of adopting the vegetarian diet – but little did he expect that he would lose almost one-third of his body weight on his vegan diet.

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