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altBali Spice Islands Coconut Chips come in Coconut Candy, Sweet Chili, Sweet Ginger, Bali Sea Salt and Cinnamon flavors.

The secret to a healthy rainforest is sustainable organic farming. By selling products made from organically certified Indonesian farmer groups, you are making the world healthy again.


Bali Spice Islands, a promoter of sustainable farming practices and producer of Indonesian black, red and brown rice, coconut sugar, health teas, pet super food and probiotic fertilizer, is bringing its tropical Coconut Chips to the U.S. marketplace.

Bali Spice Islands aims to empower Indonesian farmers, incentivizing use of organic farming practices by getting the farmers’ products sold on international markets. Bali Spice Islands believes farmers get more money through international trade as opposed to selling locally, and that money enables more organic farmers to practice sustainable farming methods. Bali Spice Islands’ strategy mirrors that of the fair trade practice used toward rainforest reforestation efforts. Bali Spice Islands’ next target is the U.S., a country well known for snacking and a growing tendency for healthy, organic food.

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