Best Tips: 100-Pound Weight Loss Transformation Colleen Tronlone

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Colleen Tronlone, age , started her weight loss journey at kilos. It took her simply months to lose an astonishing kilos! Maintain studying to study how her weight reduction plan spoiler it is plant based! and exercise routine remodeled her physique and her life..The weight loss successes you'll meet on have lost weight with various programs ranging from Weight Watchers to Tops to NutriSystem but the bottom line isn't about 'thet' it's about finding what works for you!.

Colleen Tronlone, age 31, began her weight-loss journey at 250 pounds. It took her just 16 months to lose an astonishing 104 pounds! Keep reading to learn about how her diet (spoiler: it’s plant-based!) and workout routine transformed her body and her life. She went from working with children and adults with autism to now teaching indoor cycling classes!

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