BBC – Capital – What’s driving the rise of the McVegan burger?

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This story is from You & Yours on BBC Radio 4, presented by Winifred Robinson and produced by Kevin Mousley. To listen to more episodes of You & Yours please click hereAdapted by Peter Rubinstein.

If there’s one thing all red-blooded carnivores share, it’s an incomparable, boiling love for the burger: a juicy wedge of beef surrounded by crisp veggies and golden-yellow bun to hold it all together. The ultimate fast-food staple, burgers are about the furthest you can get from the type of healthy, animal-free diets followed by most vegans and vegetarians.

Umami is what you often call the fifth flavour. It’s the flavour of the savoury

But as the number of herbivores continues to increase around the world, even the biggest fast-food chains are accommodating new customers with alternative menu items. Citing Sweden’s overwhelming population of vegetarians for instance, McDonald’s has decided to debut a limited run of its own cruelty-free sandwich: the McVegan. Some see its success among vegetarians and meat-eaters alike as the wholesome future of fast food.

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