A Vegan Restaurant Describing Itself With Lots of Trendy Phrases Is Opening Downtown

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Next time I'll actually order some actual food from this place and see if I can change my review based on the actual food. To say that their food is great would be totally an understatement. I am truly glad to have discovered this gem in DTLA..The Valley continued to add restaurants at an impressive post recessionary clip in , with former dining deserts like Uptown Phoenix, Arcadia Lite and, yes, downtown Gilbert in particular bulking up on new eateries..

Restaurants catering While public eateries existed in Ancient Rome and Sung Dynasty China, restaurants we know them today , are generally credited to th century France.The genesis is quite interesting and not at all what most people expect. Did you know the word restaurant is derived from the French word restaurer which means to . Reader's Note This is the blog that I tried to post on Mother's Day, although the cyberer had other plans. I dreaded Mother's Day this year..

Downtown Boston is getting a new restaurant this summer: Mighty Love Food will open at 155 Milk St., per Boston Restaurant Talk, and its growing online presence makes a few promises.

“We’re in the kitchen workin’ on something good,” the restaurant’s website reads in big block letters, directing visitors to its profiles on , , Instagram, and yes, as well. Though these pages provide few hints about potential menu items, they offer some vague hints about the vibe Mighty Love Food is trying to achieve.

Describing itself as a “chef-driven,” “plant-based” restaurant serving “flavor-driven” food, Mighty Love Food makes three strikes against Eater’s style guide; all three phrases are avoided on this site due to their jargon-y nature. In other words: What do they really mean? (“Plant-based” is generally used to mean “vegan” without scaring off non-vegans.)

Chef Jerome Picca has signed on to, well, drive a menu “that’ll keep your hustle mighty,” working with Cameron Grob, who brings to the project years of experience in Boston restaurants, including Serafina and Bastille Kitchen.

The proposed hours of operations for Mighty Love Food are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Eater has reached out for more details on the menu and will post any updates as new information is available.

• Mighty Love Food [Official Site]
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• Mighty Love Food to Open in Boston’s Financial District [BRT]

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