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OUR SELECTION! Click on a link below to jump to a certain doughnut type. These classic doughnut styles are available in several different toppings. vanilla, caramel, cream cheese frosting, peanuts, bacon, sprinkles, M Ms, etc. Get a doughnut ball tower and try them all! Maple Bacon Ball. Doughnut ball covered w maple frosting and .See more of Vegan and Vegetarian foods to promote healthy living on .

Glazed, sprinkled, jelly filled all the classic donut flavors at Vegan Donut Gelato in Oakland. Photo Jean Lee. The most popular choices at Vegan Donut Gelato are glazed, chocolate and jelly filled. While the shop focuses on making classic flavors, it does offer some unique ones, like a maple bacon donut made with soy bacon, of course ..If you value Berkeleyside and the forum we provide for our community, please become a member. You'll feel great for helping Berkeley's leading independent, reader supported news site. You'll feel great for helping Berkeley's leading .

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